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Bran is good for you.

Bran Advertising, that is.

Creative communications.

Since 1988, we have been providing fresh, creative solutions for a wide range of clients while maintaining cost effectiveness. Our clients vary greatly in size – from large national and international corporations to small and medium-sized regional companies to local retail businesses; and industry – from software developers to financial services, from fashion to industrial automation systems, from interior design to international cargo shipping. And, we are proud to say that more than 90% of our clients came to us on referrals, and many have been our clients for more than ten years.

About two-thirds of our business is done directly for our clients. We supply the concepts, marketing and production, including media. The remaining third of our work comes from other marketing and advertising agencies for which we supply creative services.

Although we recently re-located to Chester Spring, PA, just 45 minutes west of Philadelphia, our clients are located all along the eastern United States.

Stuart Bran, the President and Creative Director, has a proven track record of over 45 years. Twenty of those years were spent at Madison Avenue ad agencies, including Young & Rubicam (10 years); Wells, Rich,Greene; David, Oksner & Mitchneck; and Lockwood & Waldman. In that period of time, he has created print & television advertising, sales promotion and collateral pieces for just about every industry – food, fashion, financial services, feminine hygiene products, computer software, health care, industrial recycling equipment, environmental monitoring systems, interior design, construction, publishing, and more.

All design work for our clients is created and supervised by Stu, with the assistance of very knowledgeable and gifted assistant art directors. Our writers are all experienced professionals – each with their own style and area of expertise. They work for us on a per project basis. This allows us to select just the right writer for your project. And, it saves you money. But, be assured that you'll always be working with our top level – because that's the only level we have.

We're a lean, nonfat, creative, full-service ad agency and graphic design company. Just think of us as Madison Avenue advertising at Main Street prices. Our work is worth a look. Just click on the Portfolio or What's New buttons to see for yourself.

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Picture a castle looming high on a rocky hill in Romania, surmounting a desolate garden. The wind sighs mournfully and dark clouds with heavy rain oppress the green sweep of the countryside below.

Bran Castle, a 14th century fortress in Transylvania's Carpathian mountain foothills, was believed to be the ancestral home of Vlad Tepes, a Romanian prince who died over 500 years ago. He is known to history as Vlad the Impaler.

He is better known as Dracula.

The name Dracula stems from the Romanian word for evil, "dracul." It was applied to Vlad because his father, also named Vlad, returned from the Hungarian army in which he served, wearing a medal bearing a red dragon – the symbol of a heroic soldier.

The peasantry, however, mistook the symbol for something evil. Hence the name.

red dragon

In 1897, author Bram Stoker enlarged upon the widespread Slavic legend and created his vampire character in the Gothic horror novel "Dracula."

Today, the castle with its surrounding area is a peaceful scene – and somewhat frustrating in a way. For the final resting place of "Dracula" bears little resemblance to the image you would imagine; that of a fanged, black-cloaked figure prowling through the misty gloom on Transylvanian nights with wolves howling at a full moon partially obscured at times by clouds.

Alas, Bran Castle is now a tourist attraction!

Although no relation to Prince Vlad, Stuart Bran has created some "killer" advertising and won a significant number of awards and medals – gold, silver and bronze, but no red ones.

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