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Paragon AutoPlanPlus

Design a complete direct mail package that will offer car owners the opportunity to purchase extended warranty coverage.

From the intriguing 4-color outer envelope with bold road visuals to the colorful 6-page fold-out brochure, we outlined the program and then expanding on it in the personalized letter. We included a buck slip with an additional sales appeal. The letters were imprinted with the logo, address and reply form. The client then laser printed the body of the letter, customized for each recipient, based on the recipient's responses to a telemarketing campaign.


Interactive Marketing Group –
Client: Physicians Health Services
Product: SmartChoice

Create a direct mail package that will invite senior citizens to a seminar on supplemental insurance.

We designed an eye-appealing direct mail package that included an outer envelope, invitation and letter with a premium offer for all attendees.

Since the program was to be rolled out over a period of time to different areas within different states, it was necessary to design the invitation so it could be customized with the seminar dates. All the 4-color pieces were printed for the entire program. The invitation inside was only printed with the blue ink and then customized with dates and locations for each seminar, as needed, in black ink.


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